Friedemnann Pracht

Master hairdresser with passion, and great attention to detail.

The way of defining oneself and being perceived by others.

Versus Friseuer Munich Cape Town Mallorca

In 1982 I started my hairdressing apprenticeship in Munich, and after more than 30 years I am still passionate about my craft. It all started with a vacation job in a hair salon.

I immediately felt in my element and wanted to learn it. During my education I would be strongly influenced and shaped by the "English haircut" (Vidal Sasson) and the wave and punk scene.

I was never without comb and scissors, and cut everywhere. After my apprenticeship I worked at various hairdressers in Munich (Le Coup, Mad Max, Calfatti, Rudolf Niesner...).

In 1989 I made the decision to start my professional career as a freelance hairdresser. I rented a chair in "mane" and at the same time began to work with photographers.

In 1992 I successfully passed the examination for master hairdresser.

After that I went to Cape Town (South Africa), where I stayed for a year, learned English and worked for the trendy hairdressers of the city. Well, there was also enough time to travel the country extensively. My love for southern Africa has remained and I visit it again and again.

Back in Munich, I opened the Salon "Versus" in Haidhausen with my good friend Andreas Krickel.

Until in the year 2000 the wanderlust seized me again.

"Choose a career you love and you will never have to work another day in your life ".

In 2000, my wife and I made the decision to move to Mallorca. In this context, I decided to take some time off to devote myself fully to my daughter.

In 2002 I took over the Hair Salon at the Marriott Son Antem Golf & Spa . It was a great opportunity for me to work with International clients and gain valuable experience. I enjoyed working with people from different cultures and was able to further develop my skills as a hairdresser.

Since 2022 you can find me , in the heart of Palma in collaboration with BOUDOIR. The new location gives me the opportunity to live out my passion for hairdressing in an inspiring environment and network with other creative minds.

Apart from my passion for hairdressing, a few years ago I discovered my love for photography, especially street photography. There is nothing more fascinating to me than capturing life on the streets and the everyday hustle and bustle in unique snapshots.

If you are also interested in photography, feel free to check out my Instagram account

I also displayed some of my photos in the salon to combine my two passions.

I look forward to welcoming you soon.

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