Aveda Botanical Repair naturally better than Olaplex


When it comes to damaged hair, most people are on a never-ending journey to make it healthy and shiny again. While Aveda’s Damage Remedy series has given very good results, I have used Olaplex on very damaged hair. Especially when bleaching and coloring hair as a protection against hair damage Olaplex was the first choice for me. 

However, now Aveda has launched a new hair repair system that surpasses its predecessors and Olaplex, too.

What makes Botanical Repair™ special is that it works from the inside out, unlike other hair repair systems that only target the outermost fatty acid layer of the hair. The formula contains plant technologies from corn, coconut, avocado and sacha inchi oil that restore hair bonds in the inner cortex, where the damage occurs.

The Botanical Repair™ system is not only vegan and environmentally friendly, but also consists of 93% naturally derived ingredients. It is completely silicone-free, sulfate-free and safe for colored hair. It also smells fantastic with fresh, floral and herbal aromas from certified organic essential oils.

After just one treatment, the hair feels stronger, less brittle and noticeably less breakage. Styling is easier and frizz is reduced. My guests have noticed an immediate difference and notice an improvement in the overall condition of their hair with each visit.

If you have bleached or damaged hair and use Olaplex regularly, I recommend you try this natural alternative. Now I offer the Botanical Repair™ professional salon treatment. The hair is washed with Botanical Repair Shampoo, followed by the Botanical Bond Repair treatment, which is worked into the hair and left for ten minutes. After rinsing, finish the treatment with Botanical Repair leave-in Conditioner.

For further treatment at home, I will be happy to advise you on which products are suitable for your hair and how to use them.

Believe me, your hair will thank you!